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E.J.Spence offers the foreign companies from all over the world, aiming serious entry to the Japanese market and further development of their business in Japan, the responsible and result-producing consultancy services.

All of our consultants are professionals with abundant knowledge and career expertise in the practical business field.   A certain level of language command in English is necessary for internal communication but your respective talents, knowledge you have brushed-up in your career life is highly assessed.   Our clients engage in the variety of industries.

If you have the prudent business careers and knowledge in the practical business field, having been in responsible management positions, and have multiple language command, E.J.Spence always welcomes your interest. 

(for foreign residents in Japan)

Command of Japanese language, which is essential in developing the clients’ business with Japanese companies, is far more important than the command of English.   If you have the practical business career and have the command of Japanese, which enables you to read the Japanese newspapers without an aid of “Kanji” dictionary, E.J.Spence always welcome your trying our interview.

Career at E.J.Spence