Finding the Right Business Executive

Business Assistance to the Foreign Companies
Finding the Right Business Executive
E.J.Spence can definitely tell that the involvement of Japanese Executive is an essential key to your business success in Japan.

Many foreign companies tend to conceive in placing their nationals as the president or the representative at their Japan subsidiary or office, as it is comfortable and easy in communication and controlling from the headquarters.   This may be true.

However, the goal of these foreign companies is not the establishment of flawless communication between the office in Japan and the headquarters.

The goal is to expand business successfully gaining results from the Japanese market.


In order to achieve this top priority issue with less investment, it is strongly recommended to have a Japanese national, to the Executive position, who has the expertise of the industry and has in-depth knowledge of Japanese business practices.   He can be either placed atop in the office or on the second position next to the representing person from the headquarters.   This is one of the most important key to be successful in the Japan business.

Additionally, a foreign company is not allowed to open a branch office without a minimum of one representative being a legal resident in Japan.   Furthermore, a legal resident in Japan with director status is necessary to register the incorporation of your company.


E.J.Spence will search and head-hunt the most eligible Japanese Executive who can help bringing success to your business.

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