Secret Shopper

Business Assistance to the Foreign Companies
Secret Shopper/Customer Research
Products and Service Evaluation, by the third party and the Japanese customers, are very valuable to your further strategies.

You will not be able to verify the true performance achieved by your Japan office, the sales agent or the representative, by regular periodic progress reports. Detailed perception of your products and services by the Japanese customers or your distribution network is very important to your further business strategies. Internal views, reported from your Japan office, the sales agent or the representative, may be obtained, however objective views are commonly very scarce in their reports. Furthermore issues important but overlooked will not be reported. Headquarters in distance location will have difficulty in confirming these objective intelligence.

Secret Shopper/Customer Research service provides validated and verified intelligence on the current performance by the view of a third party and Japanese customers, starting from monitoring frontline employee phone effectiveness, and also provides the intelligence on the competitors’ pricing and sales strategies.

E.J.Spence will buy your products and services, sometimes contact your Japan office, the sales agent or the representative with forged claim and request, and evaluate the quality and performance of your activity. Should the client be a boat cruise company we may on board a cruise ship to monitor the level of services provided to the Japanese guests.

Secret Shopper/Customer Research service is especially effective when the company is dealing with the consumer products, services and retailing.