Exhibition Arrangement

Business Assistance to the Foreign Companies
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Exhibition Arrangement
Introduction of your products, parts and service at the exhibition is one of the most effective way to solicit the customers. E.J.Spence supports everything at the exhibition.

In depth early planning is important to maximize the exposure of your products at the booth.   An appealing booth presentation, well-trained staff, brochures or other supplementary information (handouts) should clearly define the advantages, differentiating from others in the market.   Furthermore, invitation DMs to prospect clients and follow-up contacts to booth visitors should be an important role to bring momentum to your business.

E.J.Spence supports the exhibition, from registration, booth planning, making panels and printings to employment of receptionists.


in Month "One": BUDGET ESTIMATE (6 months before the exhibition)

E.J.Spence recommends you to start preparation, with us, at least 6 months prior to the exhibition or the sales fair, as most of the exhibition organizers start registration 6 months prior to, or earlier, and some of them offer discounts to early applicants.   (Furthermore registration commonly closes 3 or 4 months before the commencement.)

E.J.Spence will provide you the rough budget estimated from the conditions applied at the previous exhibitions, within one month from the contract and receipt of the first month consultancy retainer fee.

The early applicants may also be eligible to obtain prime booth location within the exhibition hall, in addition to the benefit of receiving discounts, provided that application is submitted soon after the registration commencement.

E.J.Spence will apply for the booth on your behalf.


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In Month "Two": JAPAN MARKET INFORMATION including COMPETITOR IMFORMATION (5 months before the exhibition)

E.J.Spence shall provide you with tentative Japanese market information including competitor products, pricing, and market perception.   This should help you to recognize the current Japan market and draft your strategic marketing plan.


(4 months before the exhibition)

Early staff booking is necessary to obtain sharp and appealing presentation or reception staff.   In communication with you, E.J.Spence shall arrange to book high quality local staff.

Many companies have its preferred booth layout to make the presentation effective.   Should you have desired booth designs, E.J.Spence shall arrange art designing and equipments necessary for the booth.

(Please note that employment of the staff for exhibition and the designing fees are not included in E.J.Spence monthly retainer fee.)


In Month "Four"and "Five": BOOTH SIGN-BOARDS, PRESENTATION MATERIAL TRANSLATION (3 and 4 months before the exhibition)

Arrangement of sign-boards and other minor custom equipments, if deemed effective and necessary, shall be finalized and arranged.   Handouts or presentation materials that needs translation into Japanese shall be coordinated.

Small gifts or novelties with company logo are also common as handouts during trade fairs.

(Please note that cost of sign-board production and printings are not included in E.J.Spence monthly retainer fee.)

(1 month before the exhibition)

Prospect client list shall be prepared by E.J.Spence in coordination with your support.   Invitation letters to your booth to these prospect clients are essential to awaken and draw their attention and interest.   Bilingual letter shall be prepared and distributed by E.J.Spence.

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In Month "Seven": TRADE FAIR OPERATION (The month of exhibition)

E.J.Spence shall take full care of the operation prior to and during the fair.

Construction of booth will be carefully undertaken.

Nevertheless your attendance during the trade fair is important as unexpected questions may be raised by the booth visitors.   Furthermore Japanese visitors would give more respect to the company, should a foreign businessman be coming from overseas for the fair.

Your attendance will be always supported by the interpreter.


In Month "Eight": VISITOR FOLLOW-UPS (1 month after the exhibition)

After closing of the trade fair, the letters of appreciation to selected business visitors, with some words to confirm their business interest shall be sent.

(Exhibitions and Trade Fairs in Tokyo)

Some of the exhibitions may have already been held, but it is conceived the same trade fair will be held in the similar period the following year.

Some of them are held twice in a year.

Industries: Food & Beverage

2013.3.5.[Tue]-8[Fri] Foodex Japan

2013.4.3.[Wed]-5[Fri] The World Food And Beverage Great Expo

2013.4.3.[Wed]-5[Fri] Dessert Sweets & Drink Festival

2013.4.3.[Wed]-5[Fri] 2013 Japan Meat Industry Fair

2013.4.3.[Wed]-5[Fri] Wine & Gourmet JAPAN

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2013.4.3.[Wed]-5[Fri] Noodle Industry Fair

2013.5.15.[Wed]-17[Fri] The 18th International Food Ingredients & Additives Exhibition

                                    & Conference

2013.5.15.[Wed]-17[Fri] The 11th HFE JAPAN 2013

                                    & TECHNOLOGY )

2012.8.29.[Wed]-31[Fri] INTER-FOOD JAPAN 2012 The 5th Izakaya EXPO

2012.9.5.[Wed]-7[Fri] The 12th Gourmet & Dining Style Show 2012 Autumn

2013.9.25.[Wed]-27[Fri] Food System Solution

2013.9.25.[Wed]-27[Fri] Food Safety Japan

2013.10.9.[Wed]-11[Fri] Health Ingredients Japan 2013

2013.10.9.[Wed]-11[Fri] Safety and Technology Japan 2013


Industries: Supermarket buyers, Shopping center

2013.1.16.[Wed]-18[Fri] SC Business Fair

2013.2.13.[Wed]-15[Fri] SUPERMARKET TRADE SHOW

Industries: Retailers, Hotels, Wholesalers, Food-Service Buyers

2013.2.19.[Tue]-22[Fri] Private Label Trade Show JAPAN

Industries: Kitchen Equipment, Cafe & Bakery, Confectionery Equipment, Tableware and Utensils, Uniforms

2013.2.19.[Tue]-22[Fri] International Hotel & Restaurant Show

2013.2.19.[Tue]-22[Fri] CATEREX JAPAN (Exhibition for the Catering Industries)


2013.6.26.[Wed]-28[Fri] 4th TABLEWARE EXPO

2013.6.26.[Wed]-28[Fri] 2nd KITCHENWARE EXPO

Industries: Gifts, consumer goods

2013.2.6.[Wed]-8[Fri] The 75th Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 2013

2013.2.6.[Wed]-8[Fri] Active Design & Craft Fair

2013.2.6.[Wed]-8[Fri] Gourmet & Dining Style Show



2013.6.5.[Wed]-7[Fri] Interior Lifestyle Tokyo

2013.6.10.[Mon]-12[Wed] The 9th Fukuoka International Gift Show 2013



2012.9.5[Wed]-7[Fri] The 74th Tokyo International Gift Show 2012 Autumn

Industries: premium and novelty products

2013.4.10[Wed]-12[Fri] The 47th International Premium Incentive Show Spring 2013

2013.6.26.[Wed]-28[Fri] 5th PROMOTIONAL GOODS EXPO

Industries: Design lightings, LED/OLED Lighting, lighting products and systems

2013.1.16.[Wed]-18[Fri] DESIGN LIGHTING TOKYO

2013.1.16.[Wed]-18[Fri] LED/OLED Lighting Technology Expo

2013.3.5.[Tue]-8[Fri] Lighting Fair 2013


Industries: Floral Industries

2013.4.13.[Sat]-14[Sun] Flower Dream 2013 in Tokyo


Industries: Sewing, Embroidery, Lace, Quilt, Knitting, Beads & Jewelry, Scrapbooking, Cardmaking

2013.4.25.[Thu]-27[Sat] JAPAN HOBBY SHOW 2013

Industries: Jewelry, Fashion, fashion accessories, costume jewelries, scarves, watches, bags, wallets

2013.1.23.[Wed]-26[Sat] International Jewelry Tokyo


2013.6.10.[Mon]-12[Wed] The 2nd Fukuoka International Beauty Show 2013

2013.6.26.[Wed]-28[Fri] 4th FASHION GOODS & ACCESSORIES EXPO -June 2013-


2013.8.27.[Tue]-29[Thu] Japan Jewelry Fair 2013

Industries: Beauty, Cosmetics, Spa, Healing, Holistic, Diet, WELLNESS

2013.5.13.[Mon]-15[Wed] Beautyworld Japan

2013.6.26.[Wed]-28[Fri] COSME Tech 2013 -4th INT'L COSMETICS DEVELOPMENT


2013.6.26.[Wed]-28[Fri] COSME TOKYO 2013 -2nd INT'L COSMETICS TRADE FAIR-

2012.8.4.[Sat]-5[Sun] Healing Fair 2012 in Tokyo

2013.9.9.[Mon]-11[Wed] DIET & BEAUTY FAIR ASIA 2013

2013.9.9.[Mon]-11[Wed] SPA & WELLNESS JAPAN 2013

Industries: health products, Home Care, Rehabilitation

2013.3.13.[Wed]-15[Fri] Tokyo Health Industry Show

2013.9.18.[Wed]-20[Fri] Int. Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition

2013.12.5.[Thu]-7[Sat] Health Food Supplement Expo.

Industries: Tourism

2013.9.12.[Thu]-15[Sun] JATA Travel Showcase 2013


Industries: Toy, Baby Goods, Kids' Items, Maternity Goods

2013.6.13.[Thu]-16[Sun] International Tokyo Toy Show 2013

2013.6.26.[Wed]-28[Fri] 5th Baby & Kids Expo

Industries: Stationery

                                  FAIR TOKYO -ISOT 2013-

Industries: Optical

2013.10.9.[Wed]-11[Fri] 26th International Optical Fair Tokyo

Industries: publishing trade

2012.7.5.[Thu]-8[Sun] 19th Tokyo International Book Fair (TIBF2012)

Industries: Artworks

2013.5.18.[Sat]-19[Sun] Design Festa vol.37

Industries: Character, Brand, Entertainment, Publishing, Sports & Collegiate, Art

2012.7.4.[Wed]-6[Fri] 2nd LICENSING JAPAN

Industries: Animation

2013.3.21.[Thu]-24[Sun] Tokyo International Anime Fair

Industries: Shop Systems and Fixturing, Office, House & Urban Innovation, Building, Housing

2013.3.5.[Tue]-8[Fri] JAPAN SHOP 2013 (International Exhibition for Shop Systems and

2013.3.5.[Tue]-8[Fri] RETAILTECH JAPAN

2013.10.23.[Wed]-25[Fri] Japan Home & Building Show

Industries: Franchisers

2013.3.6.[Wed]-8[Fri] TOKYO FRANCHISE SHOW 2013


Industries: Security and Safety industry, Anti-Terrorism

2013.3.5.[Tue]-8[Fri] SECURITY SHOW

2013.10.2.[Wed]-4[Fri] Security & Safety Trade Expo

2013.10.2.[Wed]-4[Fri] SEECAT (Special Equipment for Anti-Terrorism)

Industries: Motorcycle

2013.3.22.[Fri]-24[Sun] TOKYO MOTORCYCLE SHOW 2013

Industries: Auto Aftermarket, Auto Materials & Processing Technology, Automotive telecommunication

2013.3.13.[Wed]-15[Fri] International Auto Aftermarket Expo 2013

2013.3.13.[Wed]-15[Fri] International Auto Materials & Processing Technologies Tokyo

2013.3.13.[Wed]-15[Fri] Automotive Telecommunication Technology Tokyo

Industries: E-Book/Magazine Reading Device, Digital Contents, Digital Contents Solution

2012.7.4.[Wed]-6[Fri] 16th e-Book Expo Tokyo

Industries: IT technologies/solutions


2013.5.8.[Wed]-10[Fri] DATA WAREHOUSE & CRM EXPO

2013.5.8.[Wed]-10[Fri] 16th EMBEDDED SYSTEMS EXPO

2013.5.8.[Wed]-10[Fri] 15th DATA STORAGE EXPO

2013.5.8.[Wed]-10[Fri] 10th INFORMATION SECURITY EXPO

2013.5.8.[Wed]-10[Fri] 8th RFID SOLUTIONS EXPO

2013.5.8.[Wed]-10[Fri] 7th Web & MOBILE MARKETING EXPO

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2013.5.8.[Wed]-10[Fri] 5th DATA CENTER EXPO

2013.5.8.[Wed]-10[Fri] 4th CLOUD COMPUTING EXPO JAPAN

2013.5.8.[Wed]-10[Fri] 3rd SMARTPHONE & MOBILE EXPO

2013.5.8.[Wed]-10[Fri] 2nd WIRELESS M2M EXPO


2013.5.15.[Wed]-17[Fri] 4th Educational IT Solutions Expo

2013.6.19.[Wed]-21[Fri] Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo

2013.9.25.[Wed]-27[Fri] SOFMEC (Soft Material Technology Exhibition & Conference)


Industries: Automotive IT, Automotive Electronics, EV & HEV technologies, Motor, Controller, Materials

2013.1.16.[Wed]-18[Fri] Automotive IT Expo

2013.1.16.[Wed]-18[Fri] Electronics Technology Expo (CAR-ELE JAPAN)

2013.1.16.[Wed]-18[Fri] EV & HEV Drive System Technology Expo

2013.7.17.[Wed]-19[Fri] MOTORTECH JAPAN 2013

2013.7.17.[Wed]-19[Fri] MOTOR ENGINEERING JAPAN 2013

2013.7.17.[Wed]-19[Fri] MECHAATRONICS CONTROL 2013

2013.9.25.[Wed]-27[Fri] EVEX (Electric Vehicle Development Technology Exhibition)

Industries: 3D technology and super high definition image technogloy

2013.6.19.[Wed]-21[Fri] 3D & Virtual Reality Expo

Industries: Heat Pump System, Boiler, Water Heater, Air Conditioning, Illuminator, Light, Water Surroundings

2013.2.27.[Wed]-3.1[Fri] ECO HOUSE & ECO BUILDING EXPO

Industries: Sign & Display

2012.9.13.[Thu]-15[Sat] SIGN & DISPLAY SHOW 2012

Industries: Material Handling and Logistics

2014.9.xx. Logis-Tech Tokyo 2014

Industries: Packing

2014.10.7.[Tue]-10[Fri] TOKYO PACK


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Industries: Machine Tool

2014.10.30.[Thu]-11.4[Tue] JIMTOF (Japan International Machine Tool Fair)

Industries: Construction Materials



Industries: Medical

2013.4.24.[Wed]-25[Thu] MEDTEC Japan

2013.4.24.[Wed]-26[Fri] CPhI Japan

2013.4.24.[Wed]-26[Fri] ICSE Japan

2013.4.24.[Wed]-26[Fri] P-MEC Japan

2013.4.24.[Wed]-26[Fri] BioPh Japan

2013.4.24.[Wed]-26[Fri] Pharmatec Japan

2012.6.19.[Wed]-21[Fri] Medical Device Development & Manufacturing Expo

Industries: BIOtech

2013.5.8.[Wed]-10[Fri] BIOtech 2013 - 12th Int'l Bio Technology Exhibition
                                 & Conference

Industries: Nanotechnology, micro-fabrication technology, devices, and solutions

2013.1.30.[Wed]-2.1[Fri] nano tech 2013

2012.7.11.[Wed]-13[Fri] Exhibition Micromachine/MEMS

Industries: Chemical and Process Industry

2013.10.30.[Wed]-11.1[Fri] Plant Engineering Show

Industries: Ceramics

2013.1.30.[Wed]-2.1[Fri] Neo Ceramics 2013 advanced ceramics & glass

Industries: Carbon Fiber & Processing Machines

2013.9.25.[Wed]-27[Fri] CARBONext

                                    (Carbon Fiber & Processing Machines Exhibition)

Industries: low-carbon

2013.1.30.[Wed]-2.1[Fri] ENEX2013

2013.1.30.[Wed]-2.1[Fri] Smart Energy Japan


Industries: Advanced Electronic Materials

2013.1.16.[Wed]-18[Fri] Electronic Materials Expo (MATERIAL JAPAN)

Industries: highly-functional plastics

2013.4.10.[Wed]-12[Fri] PLASTIC JAPAN- Highly-functional Plastic Expo in Tokyo

2013.9.25.[Wed]-27[Fri] N-PLAS (NEW & NEXT PLASTIC EXHIBITION)

Industries: Highly Functional Materials

2013.10.30.[Wed]-11.1[Fri] Innovative Products

Industries: Electronics Manufacturing and SMT, Electronic Components/Devices

2013.1.16.[Wed]-18[Fri] INTERNEPCON JAPAN

2013.1.16.[Wed]-18[Fri] Electronic Components EXPO

Industries: Electronic component installed machines and related equipment and systems

2013.6.5.[Wed]-7[Fri] JISSO PROTEC 2013 15th Jisso Process Technology Exhibition

Industries: Electronics Circuits

2013.6.5.[Wed]-7[Fri] JPCA Show 2013 43rd International Electronics Circuits Exhibition

Industries: Test, Inspection, Measurement and Analysis for Electronics Manufacturing and R&D

2013.1.16.[Wed]-18[Fri] ELECTROTEST JAPAN

Industries: Packaging Technologies for IC Devices


Industries: PCBs/PWBs, PCB Materials, Design & Development Services, and Design Tools

2013.1.16.[Wed]-18[Fri] Printed Wiring Boards Expo

Industries: Components/Materials and Molding/Processing Technologies for Automotive Weight Reduction

2013.1.16.[Wed]-18[Fri] Automotive Weight Reduction Expo


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Industries: Materials for Lightweight & High-Strength

2013.9.25[Wed]-9.27[Fri] MALSEC (Materials for Lightweight & High-Strength Exhibition)

Industries: High-Precision Processing and Microfabrication

2013.1.16.[Wed]-18[Fri] MicroTech JAPAN

Industries: surface processing and treatment technologies

2013.1.30.[Wed]-2.1[Fri] Advanced Surface Technology Exhibition & Conference

Industries: Processing Machines, Finishing Machines, Printing Machines/Printing Related Materials

2013.1.30.[Wed]-2.1[Fri] Convertech JAPAN


Industries: FPD development and manufacturing

2013.4.10.[Wed]-12[Fri] FINETECH JAPAN

Industries: Dyeing and molding

2013.4.17.[Wed]-20[Sat] INTERMOLD2013 / Die & Mold Asia

Industries: Metal Stamping

2013.4.17.[Wed]-20[Sat] Japan Metal Stamping Technology Exhibition

Industries: Cutting, Fine/Precision Processing, Rolling/Flatting, Bonding/Joining, Press Work, Laser-cutting

2013.2.27.[Wed]-3.1[Fri] ENETECH JAPAN - Processing Technology Expo

2013.9.25.[Wed]-27[Fri] JOINTEC (Adhesion & Joining Technology Exhibition
                                  & Conference)

Industries: high-density or high-frequency packaging technologies, high-density substrate and interposers

2013.6.5.[Wed]-7[Fri] 2013 Microelectronics Show 27th ADVANCED ELECTRONICS
                             &nbsp PACKAGING EXHIBITION

ejspence image ejspence image ejspence image

Industries: Inkjet, Nano-imprint, Micro-contact Print, Dispersers, Laser Abrasion, Laser Transfer, Gravure Printing

2013.1.30.[Wed]-2.1[Fri] Printable Electronics 2013

Industries: Electrolytes/Ion Exchange Membranes, Single Cell Test Equipment, Power Load Equipment

2013.2.27.[Wed]-3.1[Fri] Int'l Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo

Industries: Silicon Ingot, Wafer, Compound Semiconductors, Module Substrates, Industrial Gas, Electrodes

2013.2.27.[Wed]-3.1[Fri] Int'l Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo


Industries: Positive Electrode Material, Negative Electrode Material, Electrolyte, Separator, Top Plate

2013.2.27.[Wed]-3.1[Fri] Int'l Rechargeable Battery Expo


Industries: Superconductive Cable, Power Conditioner, Voltage Regulator, Inverter, Storage Battery

2013.2.27.[Wed]-3.1[Fri] Int'l SMART GRID EXPO

2013.9.25.[Wed]-27[Fri] CABLE-TEC (Cable Technology Exhibition & Conference)

Industries: IC CARD

2013.3.5.[Tue]-8[Fri] NFC & Smart WORLD

Industries: mechanical parts (bearings, fasteners, mechanical springs and metal and plastic processing technology)

2013.6.19.[Wed]-21[Fri] Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo

Industries: Noise Attenuation Parts and Materials, Static Electricity Solutions

2013.7. 17.[Wed]-19[Fri] EMC JAPAN 2013

Industries: Optical Films, Films for Touch Panel, Films for Semiconductor, Films for Solar/Rechargeable Battery

2013.4.10.[Wed]-12[Fri] FilmTech JAPAN- Highly-functional Film Technology Expo in

ejspence image ejspence image

Industries: Optical Communication Systems/Equipment

2013.4.10.[Wed]-12[Fri] Photonix [EXPO & CONFERENCE

Industries: FA Controller, Driving Control Component, Control Computer, Open Control Software, FA Network

2013.7.17.[Wed]-19[Fri] MECHATBONICS CONTROL 2013

Industries: Motion Mechanism, Actuator System, Motion Control, Motion Sensor, Motion Application/Unit

2013.7.17.[Wed]-19[Fri] MOTION ENGINEERING JAPAN 2013


Industries: Design Support (CAD/CAM/CAE, 3D Simulators, softwares, etc.), R&D Support

2013.7.17.[Wed]-19[Fri] DESIGN SUPPORT SYSTEM 2013

Industries: Board Computer, Busses and Boards, Built-in Software, Peripherals, Devices/Processors

2013.7.17.[Wed]-19[Fri] BOARD COMPUTER JAPAN 2013

Industries: Thermal Design/Technology, Heat Management Materials (Substrate, Elastic Materials,)

2013.7.17.[Wed]-19[Fri] TEERMAL ENGINEERING 2013

2013.9.25.[Wed]-27[Fri] HEAT-TEC

Industries: water treatment, Water Management

2013.1.30.[Wed]-2.1[Fri] International Water Solution Exhibition

2013.10.30.[Wed]-11.1[Fri] Innovation in Water Management

Industries: Environmentally Friendly Materials/Information Display Materials

2013.1.30.[Wed]-2.1[Fri] neo functional material 2013

Industries: Clean Energy, Smart Grid

2013.9.19.[Wed]-21[Fri] Smart PRODUCTS

2013.10.30.[Wed]-11.1[Fri] Green Energy & Ecology

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Industries: Resource Recovery/Recycling, Control & Improve of Air Pollution, Water Contamination

2013.5.21.[Tue]-24[Fri] N-EXPO 2013 TOKYO

Industries: Wind Turbine/Wind Power Generation System, Wind Turbine Component/Equipment

2013.2.27.[Wed]-3.1[Fri] WIND EXPO 2013 - 1st Int'l Wind Energy Expo & Conference

Industries: Photovoltaic Power Generation Systems, System Design-related Software, Hybrid Systems

2013.2.27.[Wed]-3.1[Fri] PV SYSTEM EXPO - Int'l Photovoltaic Power Generation
                                       System Expo


Industries: Switch-mode Power Supply, Un-Interrupting Power Source, Droppers

2013.7.17.[Wed]-19[Fri] POWER SYTSTEM JAPAN 2013


Industries: Secondary Battery, Energy Management Solutions, Evaluation/Testing Equipment

2013.7.17.[Wed]-19[Fri] BATTERY TECHNOLOGY 2013

Industries: Oscillatory Method, Thermoelectric Method, Renewable Energy Generation

2013.7.17.[Wed]-19[Fri] ENERGY HARVESTING 2013

Industries: Greenhouse Horticulture

2013.7.xx. Greenhouse Horticulture & Plant Factory Exhibition/Conference

Industries: Eco-Products

2013.12.12.[Thu]-14[Sat] Eco-Products 2013

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