Finding Sales Agnet and Distributor

Business Assistance to the Foreign Companies
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Finding Sales Agents and Distributors
“We are looking for a distributor in Japan” type of ads will not necessarily team you up with an efficient and reliable partner.
E.J. Spence knocks down all the barriers and ensures you to find the partner that is best for you.

More often than not, the first step that a foreign company seeking agents or distributors in Japan will put an ad on the internet.   Most of these inexperienced companies will be delighted with whatever responses they receive but will lack the means to verifying the credibility of their prospect partners.   This is one of the worst and riskiest approaches a company can take.

Companies that are serious about entering the Japanese market and achieving visible results will not solely depend on a simple ad on the internet to find a partner. They will pay a trip to Japan, meet with various candidates introduced by a reputable business consultant and confirm the reliability and trustworthiness of the prospect agents/distributors first hand.

The worst decision is the easiest appointment of a company or a person in Japan, that you have happened to know.

E.J. Spence is committed to helping companies that have strong and serious intention of expanding their business in the Japanese market.

E.J. Spence will make a list of potential candidates, arrange business meetings, conduct pre-research summaries and reports and ultimately find the best business partner for the company in question.   It will also aid with the screening of all the official agreements and documents to make sure that they abide by Japanese laws and local business practices.