Sale of Products, Parts & Service

Business Assistance to the Foreign Companies
Selling your Products, Parts and Services
Serious commitment is fundamental when attempting to make a business entry.
E.J. Spence only supports companies that are serious about entering the Japanese market.

These days, introducing new products, parts and services on the market has never been easier, thanks to the development of the internet. Even young children are now fully capable of posting their toys on the internet and finding customers their same age on the other side of the globe who will simply click on an image and buy them.

Advertising products and services on the internet is now at everyone`s reach. This unfortunately means that it has become increasingly difficult to discern serious and responsible vendors from unreliable ones.

Some individuals or small companies may be content with sporadic orders from Japan in return for a minimum effort consisting of uploading images and prices on the net.

But E.J. Spence aims higher than this.

E.J Spence`s willingness to assist is directly in proportion to the seriousness and level of commitment and investment of the company that seeks its help.